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Faint blue lines...

Took 2 EPT tests w/first morning urine. Got 2 really faint blue lines. Later on after I finished work I took.a digital test anf it said Not Pregnant. Which test is accurate?.has anyone here had this happen? Could.I be pregnant? 


  • I got a very faint line the day after my period was due So took a clear blue digital and that came bk negative so did another cheapie and that came bk with another faint line. I waited a week to do another digital and it then came bk satin pregnant 3+. The digitals are not as sensitive as the cheapie brand tests and I'm now 14 weeks along in my 4th pregnancy. Don't let the digital put u on a downer the chances are u are pregnant but the digitals won't pick it up yet. Congratulations xx

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