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hi sorry if it's tmi but I need help right 2 weeks ago I had a miscarriage I was really upset and wouldn't come out my room I've just turned 18 yesterday I've noticed that my boobs are really really sore me and my partner have done the deed after the miscarriage without protection we really wanted a baby but these last couple of days my boobs have gotten really bad and ive got really bad stomach cramps but not come on my period there brown discharged when I go to the toilet but not blood should I be coming on my period this early it's only two weeks after bleeding loads after the miscarriage could someone please help and tell me what this could be people are saying I could be pregnant again I just dont no please help and advice would be appreciated


  • Brown is old blood, maybe your body is releasing but also they say your highly fertile after a miscarriage so maybe your body is conceiving again but it will be too soon too tell.  Just try to relax (easier said than done and see what happens in the next couple of weeks)

  • Hi I had a miscarriage 2 months ago, I had the brown blood I was worried and the doctor said it's flushing it all out, then 3 weeks after I had a period and this month's been missed and done a pregnancy test cause I had the same symptom and more and I have a really faint line have you got any other symptoms 

  • My boobs are really sore I have headaches all the time and always feeling sick nedore I lost my baby I didn't have morning sickness I just felt it instead of actually being sick and its only brown that's been coming out of me there was a bit of red but that stopped its carried on for 2 days and my period is normal 4 should I test to make sure x

  • My misscar started on the 2nd of April and lasted till the 7th of April with loads of blood clots and everything just weird how my symptoms are back 

  • It could be many things, your body could be recovering, you may have previously been carrying more than one baby & still be pregnant or your body may have recently conceived again. It may be too early to test with a test kit. Normally blood tests are recommend as they will tell you if the hormone levels are rising, falling or absent. Best wishes & I hope you get the answers you want. X

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