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Trying to conceive after coming off the mini pill

Hi everyone 

I am currently taking the mini pill, Cerelle. My fiancé and I are wanting to start TTC towards the end of this year. I am planning to stop taking the pill in August. I would just like to hear people's experiences, TTC after stopping taking this pill and how long it took to fall pregnant. 

It would be helpful to hear from you. :-)


  • Hi, I stopped cerelle in August 2015.  

    For the first month the side effects were unpleasant and mimicked very strong pregnancy symptoms - this alone has made me come to a decision that if I can at all help it I will not return to the pill in the future.  

    I have been actively trying to conceive since.  I do have complexed hormone issues though consistent with pcos.  If I had know before I would have such a battle and wait to conceive I would of stopped the pill sooner rather than waiting, if I had of fallen pregnant sooner it wouldn't of been a problem, I was just wanting to get my wedding out of the way first.  This is not the case for everyone though some women conceive straight away 

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