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Would you consider this as a positive ? Picture below


i did a clear blue digital a few days ago which said 1-2 weeks 

had some bleeding today and yesterday. 

Would you consider this to still be a positive. 

Going to the GP tomorrow !!


  • I'd ring your GP I imagine they'd do a blood test? Or possibly a early scan. Depends on GP. 

    How heavy was your bleeding?

  • It's been on and off. I think it's a little to red  

    Ive got a GP appointment today. 

    So confusing. 

  • I can still see the faint positive. I'd hate to alarm you but I think a miscarriage can still pick up some hcg levels as it drops. 

    But I'm no gp or midwife. Fingers crossed it's just one of those things. 

    Good luck.

  • Been to GP. She did another test and it's still positive. She said the same thing. doing a blood test to see what my HCG is like. If it's gone up in still pregnant.  If it's gone down it's a miscarriage. 

    Thanks for the reply. X

  • Best of luck. When will you get blood test results. 

  • Won't get them back until Tuesday because of the bank holiday :( 

  • Oh ofcourse yeah. Forgot about that. I suppose you could in the mean time take another pregnancy test? To see if the line gets darker. If you really couldn't wait. 

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