Early pregnancy signs?

Hi guys, 

Im due on in 4 days and was wondering if it's too early to get possible pregnancy symptoms?

ive been feeling nauseous all day and been getting stomach cramps. my breasts are noticeably bigger and are VERY sore as well as my nipples. They also seem very veiny and look darker! Are these possible signs? I feel like it's too early to try a first response test!


  • Hi girls my period is not due untill tomorow and I tessted and 2 days ago and sure enough I'm pregnant.  My only symptom was feeling hot and nauseated in the morning but I get that with pmt  the only other was itchy skin on palms of hands and my back and I had stuffy/runny nose and sneezing for 2 weeks beleving I was allergic to something also I had a craving for fresh lemonade and was tired but I'm anemic so didn't think of pregnancy untill I had a nap and dreamt I took 2 posative pregnancy tests so when I woke up I brought the tests and got my posative results. My boobs haven't changed maybe bigger but I get that every month the only big signs was constipation and the stuffy nose and itching craving lemonade same cm 

  • Hello 

    I had 3 positive opks 2 one step and one clearblue advanced ovulation test I bd the night of positive opks my cycles have Been irregular for 2 months 

    I had the positive on 17th cd 16 and 17 me and my partner bd those two nights 

    I am 2dpo or 3dpo and I have really sore nipples and dry cm 

    Could this be a sign of pregnancy or is it way to early 

    Really hoping x 


  • Bit early could be pmt wait another week and test 

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