Very faint line on first response test


im 12 days late on my pierod and me and my husband have been trying to convinc. I took a test today mid day and got a very faint line at 5 mins. Am I crazy or does this look positive?! 


  • Looks positive, do try again with same brand of test but with first morning urine.

  • Clear blue didgital the true test. Ive had numorous posotives with these.x

  • It could be an evap line As it looks grey. But that could just be the pic. Test again in a couple of days with the same brand and see if its clearer x

  • image Could this be a BFP? I took this test 1 day ago. I don't know if it an evaporation line of positive. I'm supposed to get my period tomorrow. Please help!

  • I would say yes!!!! Congrats but retest in a few days to confirm. the line should get darker

  • I am unsure. Test again in a couple of days. Let me know the results. Sticky baby dust to you xxx

  • Let me know how it goes bc I was getting the second line similar to this.  

  • How did it turn out? I got a faint Line and not sure if it's true or not am now two days late and image i am two days late and I would think the line need to be darker 


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