me and my partner have been trying to concieve for 6 months now and I'm starting to lose hope. But my period is due in 5 days but last night I had spotting and today also but it's light it's not a deep red or anything. It's now starting to stop can I be pregnant?? 


  • It's possible it may be implantation bleeding (very common) try to hold out until AF is due and do a test if it doesn't show. Good luck xx

  • It could be a symptom. Wait a few more days (difficult I know) before testing. Good luck

  • Hi ladies, I too think I am experiencing implantation bleeding. This is the first time I've experienced this.

    My husband and I have only just started trying. I think I ovulated on 2/3 June (I've always had mittelschmerz) so aware of when I am ovulating. A couple of days later I felt really different and started cramping off and on for about a week which I have never experienced. I have these sort of bubbles and pulling feeling in my left lower abdomen and felt gassy and bloated and then constipated. I'm quite regular and expected my period tomorrow 16th but on Monday 13th I had this pink sticky spot of discharge and then later it turned very dark brown discharge (sorry  tmi) and n then it turned pale pink blood. I am so baffled! I haven't come that early and in such s strange way and it has been accompanied by mild cramping. ......because of all these stane symptoms I'm thinking it may be implantation bleeding? ......I took a test 2 days ago which was negative. ...

    Can't figure out if I tested too early or if this is all in my head and my body is just confused this month. 

    I've never been pregnant before but I swear these last couple of weeks I just feel ....different. ..and I'm quite in tune with my body and everything seems strange. ..Any thoughts would be appreciated. 

    I have an appointment with the doctor in Friday morning to discuss and I am thinking to test again a few days after this bleeding. This is the 3rd day of bleeding and it is very light now so I hope it is ending. ....

  • I am experiencing light spotting and have been since yesterday. However it's not normal period spotting and bleeding. I am not having cramps but I am nauseous a lot and always tired or just can't seem to sleep at all. is this normal early on?

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