Test result faint positive or negative ?

image I took this test first thing this morning, I'm 8 days late, first month off BC. I see an extremely faint positive but I wanted others opinion before I spend money on more tests to verify. Any opinions ? 



  • That does look like a positive Chels. I would try with a first response because they seem to give a more clear reading. Fingers crossed for you!! Xx

  • Thank you ! I took that one at 7am this morning and a clear blue when I got home around 5 and it said not pregnant. I think I will wait a few more days before I take another.

  • Good idea. I know how you feel not knowing what the test actually means. My period is due today and still nothing. I took a test on Saturday which I thought was a faint positive or a mean evap. I took one this morning and it was even lighter. So I'm not sure if they are both evaps or faint positives. I will also wait a couple days. A couple days feels like forever tho 

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    The first one was from Saturday and the second from this morning..what do you think?

  • A couple days definitly feels like forever. I also took one last Saturday and it was negative.  i was doing research and today was the first time I've heard of evap lines 🤔But the internet says that evap lines are usually the case when the test has been sitting longer than 10 min. So when you take the next test don't wait too long to check the results. Good luck !

  • I would say positive. What brand test is that ?

  • The time was before 10 mimutes when the lines showed up and got darker with time. They are first response

  • P.s. My name is Chelsey too lol

  • Haha cool mine is spelt Chelsea. If that's your result less than 10 min id say it's right. maybe take another then call your pcp 

  • I will test again on Thursday ( if I can wait that long). My bf thinks I'm nuts with how much I test and thinks I should wait a week lol. That won't be happening! 😛

  • My fiancé said he sees the positive but says The test is negative 😂 i think he's nuts! Good luck I hope it works out for you two !

  • Well yours looks positive to me! And if you're already 8 days late in sure it's right. Do you have any symptoms?

  • About 2 weeks ago i threw up at like 9pm, I had a bad cramp on my right side all night and the next day. I couldn't sleep all night because I was so nauseous and had diarrhea. i thought it was a ruptured cyst but I get them frequently and thought it was too late in my cycle for that for one, and 2 I've never been physically sick over one. My cousin thought maybe implantatiOn. I've been fine since then. Some dizziness, fatigue. I had a migraine earlier but I also didn't eat much today. I also feel like my period is coming but it hasn't yet.

  • Im positive it wasn't cramps from diarrhea this was different. And also different from a cyst. Who knows .

  • I've had a ruptured cyst and those aren't fun. It very well could've been implantation. Sounds like your having some normal pregnancy symptoms but like you said they are so similar to pms. Are you usually on time with your af? Mine's like clockwork, every 28 days. So it not showing today is a big deal for me. Also my bb's get really sore about a week before af but havent felt anything but weird tingly sensations. Actually right now they have started to feel a bit full and really itchy. 

  • When I'm on bc it's clockwork, every 28 days at like 8am never fails. I switched from the Nuva ring to the pill. When I first got off the Nuva ring in January my period was late & my breast were sore right before, I woke up and knew I was getting my period and got it. I got back on the Nuva ring till my April period then switched to the pill. stopped all bc after my last period in May. my breasts aren't sore at all. It's weird some days I feel like I'm getting my period and others I feel normal. it sounds like you have symptoms as well 😃 My entire body is itchy actually which is unusal. Literally head to toe. I haven't switched detergents so idk if it is hormone related or what.

  • Wow I can't believe you said that! So my last pregnancy ( which ended in a mc in April) I was so itchy all over and even had gives every day. For some reason it was worse at night, especially my feet. I had to get up in the middle of the night and put my feet in freezing water just to numb them. I went for blood tests and to the doctor on numerous occasions and it was pretty much because of the hormones. Pretty much the day before I had the ultrasound that showed the baby stopped growing my itch had stopped. Now I've been getting it again, just not as intense yet. My bf is taking that a sign that I'm preggo again. If I am pregnant I really hope I don't have to suffer again because that was horrible. I hope you don't get that!

  • Are you kidding that's so weird ive never heard of this!  Definitely worse at night I'm going crazy right now, usually starts after my shower when I get out of work and I have a hard time falling asleep because I'm literally scratching all over. 😯Now i really want to call my doctor. I'm glad I mentioned that!

  • Ive never been pregnant by the way so this is all new to me.

  • I couldnt find much about it online. The only thing I found was something called cholestasis, but it's something that usually happens in the last trimester. I had blood work done to rule that out. My doctor said Benadryl is ok to use to help, and it helped me sleep at night. I would def talk to your doctor about it

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