getting faint line in pregnancy test

i got my period on May 15th,now it is 5 days I tested very faint line came.after 2 days I tested again same faint line came.

can any one please suggest me am I pregnant or not?



  • Can any one reply me. I am  very confused about this. Cannot control my tension.

  • It's hard to tell with faint lines. There are women on here that have faint lines that go on to be pregnant and others that find the lines turn out to be evaporation lines. HCG increase if your pregnant so if you wait a couple of days that line should get darker. If you can upload a photo. Good luck x

  • here is the image.please look into it.

    i never missed my period for 1 week. and what is the chances for confirming the pregnancyimage

  • Harika that line is not very faint did it come up straigt away ? If it did I would say yes you are pregnant, I would still recommend re testing and the line will probably come up darker. X

  • Yeah that's actually quite a dark faint line sometimes you can't see the line when people post their pics. Did it come up in the time specified? if so there's a good chance you are pregnant. you could try a digital test, they're not always very sensitive so can show negative if it's to early day's but with a line that dark u may be lucky xx

  • I was guna say the same as above... That's not a faint line. 

    If you've missed your period and had a positive result. Then I'd say you're pregnant. 

  • yes, straight line came.2 times I tested .

    so please confirm me is it 100 percent or I need to take test again.

    If anything positive i will go to doctor.

    what other ways to test my pregnancy.

  • You need to test again nobody can look at a test with a faintish line and say yes definitely, if it was my test I would be very hopeful but I'd either want a digital test that said pregnant or not pregnant or A definite dark line. If you still unsure though pop along to doctors X

  • If you're unsure, take another test. Then ring your gp. 

    Good luck. 

  • thank you for the info.

  • Hi,

    I have another doubt, what it means white discharge spots indicates during this time?

    whether to confirm the pregnancy like a sign of pregnancy.

    or sign of period?

    please let me know

  • Hi harika white discharge can sometimes be a sign of pregnancy, as the other ladies said you should re test with clear blue digital tomorrow and you will get a clear answer. Just to point out though they are not quite as sensitive so may come up negative if you are still very early on. 

  • Hi,

    I went to doctor she said may be it was ectopic pregnancy , so suggested me to do pelvic ultra scan but result said no ectopic.

    Now doctor suggested me to wait for 1more week to get dark line.

    But my doubt is how many days it will take to know whether I am pregnant or not?

    Please reply me

  • Have you tried doing the clear blue digital test yet harika

  • No.i went to doctor directly.she again did the test.faint line asked me to wait for 1week.

    But my doubt is there any chance to confirm late.everyone said they came to know in two days after the periods date.

    I asked my mom she said some time it will take time to know.

    So tell me please can I expect positive sign.

  • Harika u are hundred percent pregnant tjat test is positive it dosnt matter if one line is lighter than the other u are pregnant congratulations x

  • I don't think you need to wait a week just do a clear blue digital and put your mind at rest x

  • So from what I read? You're late for your period and what looks like you've had 3 pregnancy tests with a faint line? 

    I wouldn't worry waiting a week. Just take another now. I think a digital test might make you feel more at ease. 

    Hope you feel better. And good luck. 

  • Hello,

    Here is the test.i have done today.came2dark lines.image



  • Congratulations looks like a clear positive test xx

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