Is this positive?

image Okay so my husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few months now and this month as been a little strange. So about 9dpo I was nauseos and thought I had food poisoning It went away and then about a week later the nausea was back my br**st are only a little sore and my period was supposed to come on Sunday however it didn't just some very light pink spotting the Monday I thought my period had starting but it was still very light pink just a little heavier and then nothing this morning. I took a clear blue digital and it read not pregnant but I had a feeling I was so I took it apart almost immediately the photo is only about 10 minutes after I took the test. It looks like a BFP but I'm not sure any help?


  • From what I've read you aren't supposed to take them apart and look at the strip because I beleive that they always have two lines? 

    Try a pink dye test like first response

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