Can we all be more careful before calling a test positive?

Hi Everyone,

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Like many I spend a crazy amount of time on these message boards because it gives me comfort while ttc and I like to try and help others.

I've noticed lately a lot of posts from people with faint positive lines asking for opinions on whether the test is positive or not. Then we all chime in with our opinions. 

I'm seeing lots of comments where people claim the test is definately positive, where you really couldn't say such a thing with confidence because the tests are so faint you cannot see clearly whether they have true colour, thickness etc! And I'm seeing more often than not they actually turn out to be negative. 

I think that that saying 'a line is a line' is very misleading. If you look on the internet you can see scores of stories of evaps on cheap pink dye tests and clear blues, indent lines on first response, and some awful dye runs on lots of different tests. In many cases a line, is not the type of line we want to see at all. 

Can we all be more careful with what we tell people please? It's really hard on people to get their hopes up. Especially non regulars who come on the site for advice and don't know about evaps/indents/dye runs and take your affirmation of a positive test as gospel.

I know I'd rather tell someone it's not a clear positive and that my opinion is to test again and have it turn out to be a positive afterall (yay = happy!) then tell someone that their test is definately a positive and be wrong causing them heartache and confusion. 

Ok I'll get off my soapbox now, thanks for reading and I apologise if I have caused anyone offence. 


  • Misskiwi thank you soo much!! Thats exactly what I wanted to say. Its an awfull feeling. I kept reading line is a line and got to believe it but only to be dissapointed soo many times. It really broke my heart. Its just the fact that you wanna believe it bcoz its something that you want soo badly and when u see a line and u read that line is a line you jump to a conclusion that you are pregnant. 

    Only last cycle I had second line appear on 5different tests (3 on frer and 2on super drug)! I hate first response tests!! But i keep reading here "try first response, its very good" NOO ITS NOT GOOD!! it may be sensitive but it gives too many false bloody second lines!! I say that bcoz i had definite pink second line did a blood test came back negative. 

    When I fell pregnant in feb'16 (unfortunately ended up in early mc)  i used clearblue digital 3days before af was due and it was positive so when i see that ladies saying its not a sensitive test im like well at least it doesnt give false hope and dissapointment. 

    Im sorry its a long one, but i got my tongue burnt I wouldnt want anyone else to experience this. 

    Good luck ladies. Sticky baby dust to every single one of us thats trying!! Xxx 

  • Hi Jen, I'm so sorry you had to go through that, your story above is exactly why I posted this.

    yes first response are sensitive but their indent lines are SHOCKING. I get one every tests. At least now I know better but the first few times I tried them I thought I was pregnant and was broken hearted when I realised it was all nothing. I'll still use them because of their sensitivity but wont trust any result thats not clear.

    there is only one test that ive never had an evap, indent, false positive or dye run on, and its not a name brand. Its an early detection test sold by a fertility website, $12 nz for 10 tests, very impressed with them actually and will be buying from them from now on

  • Misskiwi, I completely agree! I posted my test results of a faint line today and I've been told congratulations! I am personally far from certain that I am pregnant, especially since I did 2 test and once a horizontal line showed and once a vertical (there should be no horizontal line). I have not yet retested, so I don't know whether it was positive or not, but I definitely feel influenced by what people are saying and am getting my hopes up. At least I know myself that this result is not 100% accurate. Thanks for the post, I'd much rather have people tell me they are not sure and to wait and test again than people telling me I'm pregnant and to find out I'm not. It's a very sensitive issue. Thanks Jen for sharing your experience.

  • My thoughts are if you aren't sure don't say anything.... it clearly states on the leaflet what to look for. There is only one I trust and that's clear blue digital..... tells u in plain English fr was rubbish for me and I didn't try any others.... 

  • Well said misskiwi! I completely agree! X

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