I don't think I'm ovulating:

Hi all, I have a issue and it's really getting me down. I don't think that I'm ovulating. My husband and I have been actively trying buy to no avail. I am doing the ovulation kit daily but no second line ever appears. My doctor says that as a 31 year old woman she has to let me try for 6 months before she can put me on Clomid. I hear Clomid drives you mad though so I'm a bit concerned about that. 

Is anyone else having these issues? image


  • Hi how long have you been trying for and how many cycles have you had negitive opks for ? What cycle days have you used the opks to and from. It dosent sound right the doc would say try for 6 months then straight to clomid, there is normally some other test done before jumping straight to clomid. Xx

  • Hi Emy, just 3 months but I'm getting no spike ever for ovulation. I had  day 4 and day 21 test done years ago and issues arose then. My periods are extremely regular no issues there. My husband and I really want a baby. He is not getting down but I am. I know it's not 3 years but it's something I really want 😞

  • What time of day were u testing and what cycle days ? do u get any other signs of ov ? 

  • I'm not a specific time tester, just when I remember. I feel the pinch and get PMS symptoms but my baby making drive peaks about 4 days before my period. Maybe I ovulate late 😮

    Thank you for replying x 

  • That's what I was thinking is perhaps u ov late and have missed it with opks. For me I have found out this month that I only seem to get a proper result with opks with SMU. That even includes the cb digital dual hormone. X

  • Hi I would strongly suggest taking your basal body temperature each morning and charting. It will tell you with a high degree of certainty if you are ovulating or not :) 

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