Missed pill and bleeding a week later??

I'm currently on the mini pill (cerazette for 3 months then cerelle for just under a month) and had unprotected sex on the 21st of this month (Tuesday) and missed my pill the following day (Wednesday). Had the pill as soon as I remembered the next morning but was 5 hours out of the window and had my next pill as normal. The next day I had a pain on one side as I usually would when I ovulate.

Also have had cramping since then (the usual pre period cramping) but only started bleeding on the evening of the 28th (Tuesday) but was very light spotting (could barely fill up a panty liner) and continued til yesterday evening. No spotting as of yet today but have been having really bad cramps and been extremely thirsty. And past few days been craving foods but have had a loss of appetite at the same time  

I've taken my pill on time throughout my use of it apart from this once and haven't had a period for months so can't really track my cycle.

Could I be pregnant? Not sure if the bleeding was an implantation bleed or a breakthrough/withdrawal bleed.

Bleed was also pinkish red in colour. 


  • Hi, I'm in a very similar situation at the moment. I missed a couple of pills and have experienced very light spotting about 8 days after having sex and missing my pills and it's too early to do a pregnancy test. Were /are you pregnant or was it just breakthrough bleeding?

  • More than likely breakthrough. When u come off a pull ir miss it u can bleed almost the very next day xx

  • Hi, it was breakthrough. Bled for a day or two and then it stopped! 

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