Hi, im looking for some advice. I am 26 years old and in 2013 i was told i couldn't have children without IVF. We decided to wait before going ahead with it but in the last few weeks i have been feeling nauseous on a daily basis, getting headaches more frequently, feeling bloated half way through a meal and being unable to finish ( i usually clear my plate) very sore and swollen breasts and been having period like cramps which i usually get 1-2 days before a period but my period hasn't arrived, im just wandering whether to do a pregnancy test but of course i am very anxious as i don't want to be feeling as gutted as i did back in 2013. I don't want to share this with my partner yet as i don't want him to get his hopes up. Thanks in advance xx


  • When was your last period? And do you know when you ovulated? ☺

  • My last period was beginning of may, my periods have never been to the date but I've never gone this long. I have no idea, never really bothered about it to be fair, i was thinking it was pointless xx

  • Have you taken a pg test at all

  • No, not at all xx

  • Take a test u never know docs may have been wrong. If ur not go to docs and get check up done. I know ur going to feel gutted if ur not bur u have to rule it out. Use ur first wee of the morning don't look at the test after the time stated as could get false lines and then ull have ur hopes up even more. Good luck 

  • Thank you for your advice, i did a test this morning and its positive!!!! i am shocked, still going to the doctors to get it confirmed but am actually over the moon!!! Xx

  • Omg seriously!!!! Congratulations hun see no ivf needed just some time so happy for you yeah best the docs because of what they told u and as u don't know when ur last period actually was u could be about 8-10 weeks maybe. My last period was around end April/may good luck and have u told ur partner yet? 

  • Oh so cool!!! Yay congrats!!!

  • Im so happy!! We wasn't going to go for ivf just yet, we was going to wait a little bit. The doctors will be able to tell me as i went to them during my last period because of my endometriosis so they will have it on computer!! I have told my partner, he is at work and started crying down the phone to me!! Thank you so much xxx

  • Thank you :) Xx

  • Nawwwww Yankee! So happy for you and your partner! So sweet that he cried! Brings a little tear to MY eye

  • Awww bless him that's so cute hoping everything goes great for both of you x

  • Congratulations Yankee. Here's our Due in March 17 birth club thread if you fancy popping over and checking it out. 

  • Thank you all so much!! I've been to the doctors and they have confirmed it! Im 7 weeks!!! Walking around with a constant smile on my face!! Just got to wait for the midwife to get in touch now!!! So so happy!! Xxx

  • What amazing news! Very pleased for you!

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