am i miscarrying?!

I usually have a 35 to 37 days cycle. This time it was on 33rd day. I saw a clump of yellowy mucus with bloody egg white discharge. I though i came on early this time. But later i noticed nothing. Only on 3rd day i had some spotting. It was like fully of mucus and little brown blood. Then 4th day noticed nothing. By evening i had some cramps and bled aome brown blood eith slimy mucus. 5th day nothing. I thought this was weird period. Then on 6th day i began getting lots of slimy brown discharge it wasnt red it was kinda orangish.. today its been 8 days. Im bleeding the same. Sometimeslike a flow sometimes like a snotty discharge. Whats happening with me! Lately i noticed some kinda smell to my discharge. Im really worried. Would visiting a doc would be a better choice? But i dont have any cramps right now. Please help........


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