TTC, bleeding and endometriosis


I'm looking for some suggestions and advice on what could be happening and what my next step should be. I'm trying to conceive and i have endometriosis. On July 2nd was the day my expected period was due. I started bleeding but the volume was lighter then a usual period it didn't even fill a pad and the cramps weren't as strong as they usually are to the point of needing to use a pain killer as i usually need to each month due to the pain. With those two differences plus I still have my symptoms before the bleeding started which are feeling very tired and full and sensitive breasts. Usually i lose the symptoms the moment my period starts. I only bled for 3 days then it stopped. I took a hpt the day before my expected period, on the day of my expected period and today (july 5th) three days later and all came out negative. My questions are how often should i be testing to see if there is any change in the result? If i dont get a positive result by August 1st should i make an appointment with my doctor if i'm still experiencing the symptoms i mentioned for a blood test? How long does it take for the hormone to show up if i did take a blood test?

Any help would be appreciated

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