this is my second cycle off of bc. The first cycle was 41 days. today marks one week since the start of ovulation according to ovia app.Yesterday I had pink spotting when I wiped, today a light brown but it's gone now. If this is considered a period it would only be a 20 day cycle. No cramping at all yesterday. Just a tiny bit today. Any thoughts ??


  • It could just be strange things happening as your body is trying to get back to normal from veing on bc.  

    Do you know if you have ovulated yet? Could it be ovulation bleeding? If you have could it be implantation bleEnding.  Most likely to just be your body adjusting.  

  • ovia says i started ovulating a week ago and yesterday was the last day ovulating. I'm hoping implantation but by what I've been reading it could be anything. I'm actually still "bleeding" I thought it was done. Again it's not red, but brown 

  • Ovia only predict ovulation based on cycle length and may not be accurate Especially as you haven't got much cycle data to go by.  

    Do you use ovulation tests? Or track your temperature? Cervical position may also give you a hint and cervical mucus along with aches and pains

  • Brown is old blood.  

    if you ovulated yesterday it would be too early for implantation

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