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Is this an evap line?

Hey im new to this but i did a tesco hpt this afternoon and was nt sure if this is an evap line? It was within 10 min but i did take it apart and even washed it once dry to see if the line would go and it didnt...i got a very very light pinkish bleed (just when i wipe)yest and its almost stopped already. It started on day my period should arrive. I dont know what to think...dont wanna get my hopes up but cant stop obsessing! Pls heeeelp!!image


  • Blue dye tests are notorious for evap lines and being unreliable.  That doesn't look like a reliable line even though it sounds like it's a strong possibility.  try testing again with a first response or digital test, use first morning urine to get strongest results especially if using a digital

  • Thanks for the reply..yeah i agree! I think i just needed somebody else to confirm it. Any news as in a bfp and i will post ..thanks again xx

  • Good luck 

  • image

    Hi all, this is (if true) my second pregnancy. I had an ectopic in October last year. I have taken these tests and have reviewed thema nd gotten these lines, they are very faint and I'm not sure if it counts for positive or an evap line, what are your thoughts? Ty xxxx

  • Looks positive.  also it's usual second test on same day is slightly lighter as your urine gets more dilute.  

  • Those look like good positives apriljade. Evaporation lines have no colour but these are clearly pink.


  • image

    Thank you! i decided to take a clear blue also, these are the tests now!

  • Looks positive,  you could try a digital if seeing the word positive helps, otherwise maybe docs for confirmation 

  • Hello my last period was on the 10th of December I took this test first thing this morning do you think this is positive? image

  • Im so pleased for you. Massive congratulations to you and your partner! Xx

  • Hi Sophiebee, did anything come of your test?  Ive had 3 similar tests and don’t know what to think of it! Any thoughts, by the way I used water with the bottom test just to See if it brought up a line which it didn’t so confused! image

  • Are these evap lines? 
  • Hi guys, 
    i am also new on here and just looking for opinions on this test. Does this look like an Evap? I also used a Tesco brand test! I will test again tomorrow but suspense is killing me. I didn’t really see the line until after 10 mins when it got darker, so I’m thinking evap xx
  • Forgot attach photo , soz
  • Nicham29 said:
    Forgot attach photo , soz
    Were you pregnant.

  • Can someone help me and let me know if this is a positive for an evap line?
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