1st af 43 days after stopping mini pill

hi ladies 

im knew to here :) 

would love to know how many cycles after stopping the pill you got your bfp 

decided to try for a baby so as it says in title. I've had an horrendous 4 weeks of awful pregnancy symptoms and bfn's was certain I was pregnant. 3 days ago I noticed EWCM which I thought was ovulation cm, 2 days later I was spotting scanty pink/brown when wiping. thought it may have been IB 😩

Af arrived today. Feel so down. 

Its a very light flow though and nothing on my pad, only loosing the pink flow when I go to toilet. 

im worried if I will ovulate this month, I've joined ovai app and ordered opk's they'll be here on 18th would you recommend I take them daily and what time of day. Xx


  • Hello Tinks,

    I too came off the pill in April and had a 40 day cycle. I then had a 42 day cycle after that which was hugely disappointing as I had hoped they would shorten. I am now day 11 into my third cycle off of bc. I missed my surge last cycle as I ran out of them the cycle was that blooming long! Ordered more for this cycle though. I would advise you to start testing with opks as soon as you finish af as you really dont know what your body is going to do after the pill. You might have a super short cycle this time? Best time to test is betwen 2pm - 8pm and you should lower your water intake at least two hours before testing and try hold a pee in if you can in that time too. Remember that some peoples opks always have a second line but it only counts as your surge if the test line is as dark or darker than the control line. After a positive surge test you should ovulate 12 - 24 hours after it. I hopethis helps? 

    Sophie xx

  • Hi Tinks,

    my first cycle after coming off mini pill (cerazette) was 43 days, and I also had awful symptoms and thought I was pregnant. Coming off the pikk can do that to you as all the hormones can be all over the place and are working to normalise again.

    second cycle was a more normal 33 days

    I'm on my third cycle day and 1 or 2 days post ovulation. So if I dont get a BFP my AF is due on the 26th or 27th of this montj and will be a 29-30 day cycle so getting there

  • Hi Tinks, 

    I was on the combined pill, not the mini pill, but I got my BFP on my second cycle after coming off it. My first was 50 days long and I think my second would have been about 53 had I not got my BFP. I always want to tell people how it happened for me as you read everywhere that if you have cycles longer than 35 days then you probably aren't ovulating. So my point is just that the rules don't seem to apply in the same way if you are fresh off the pill!

    I was really worried that I wouldn't get back to a normal cycle for ages, but it didn't matter in the end anyway. I wasn't using OPKs or checking BBT or anything, just taking it easy.

    Good luck!

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