Trying to convince ovulation test problem

hey there I took an opk today the results had me confused  there was a faint line but is it too faint to count what do you guys think and advice? image


  • Hi bakerbaby, ovulation tests are only positive if the test line is as dark or darker than the test line, try googling 'positive ovulation test' images and that will give you some good examples

  • image

    This one is a really good example, the first test is negative. Not everyone will get as dark a line as the third one in that picture though so dont worry if yours looks like the second one thats also a positive

  • Awe thank you so much I'll keep trying  👶🏻🍼

  • Hello everyone I am new to the site . And my hubby and I are trying to have a baby . We have tried getrol nothing happened. I don't have insurance yet any advice ? 

  • This is something I found interesting while checking out ttc issues. There is some insight on how to make it the right way and I guess it is helpful in some way.

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