Dont know what to think

i been late for 3 days now with no signs of AF at all . I did the clearblue test ( see attached photo ) and just started to having a little bit cramps and pink discharges . I had before a miscarriage  and im so scared it ll happened again :( we are trying for a baby for over a year now . I hope that i javent get over exited this time and just got a false possitive :( did it happen to any of you ? imageimageimage


  • Im sorry for your loss. I had a mc feb and no luck since. I have done tons of hpt and had faint second lines which turned out to be evaps-heart breaking.

    I think your test looks like evap, had similar lines on that test and af followed it. I hope you will get ur bfp very soon.

    Good luck, baby dust xx

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