metallic taste??

Hi everyone currently 3 days late (I think, my periods have been all over the place the last year although my last 3 cycles have been bang on) 

I done a test 2 day sago I thought I could possibly see a faint line. I thought I'd leave it a week and test again iv now got this horrible taste in my mouth  the only was I can describe it is it tastes like iv been sucking coins :/ does this mean anything to anyone x


  • It's sounds like you could be...when I was pregnant I had the metallic taste for months!!! It's horrible lol maybe do another test in a couple of days 

  • Hi guys I know this sounds bizzare but I was hoping for some advice I am trying to convince and last period was on the 1st of Feb then me and my husband tri to conciev around the 19 and I then had a urine infection was really ill thought I was pregnant did a test was negative then had my period again on the 28th wich didn't seem like peri blood at all now I have a metallic taste could I be pregnant or am I getting hopes up

  • Could be hun..I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I had this tastes right at the beginning and still getting it now. Test again in a few days and see x

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