Sure I'm pregnant

ok here goes.... Me and my fiancé have been trying to conceive for a few months, my period was due to come on the 13th of July.... 3 days before I had a tiny bleed that lasted barely a day, I presumed it was my period.  For the past week my boobs have been unbelievably sore esp my nipples, I have back ache, I had what I thought might be a cold coming on last week, headache which has lasted 5 days now and my lower tummy feels tight and not as soft, I've also had a quick weight gain in the past week. The tests I've done have all come up neg could I be preg? And have I tested too soon?


  • If you are pregnant then you would be around 5wks which can still be early on for some tests to detect. If you can wait another 3-4days before testing again it could be a different result  (test first thing in morning for more accurate results too)

  • But the tiny  I had was around a week ago? This confuses me, I was at docs today and she said it may be too early to tell, the test disnt how anything. I never get sore boobs 

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