Pregnancy symptoms

Hi guys, 

Hoping you can help... So I've had a feeling in the back of my mind that I might be pregnant, just before my period was due I did a test and negative as I expected. then a day after my period was due I had 5 little red spots after I went to the loo, the day after I though I started my period, it was lighter than usual then stopped 2 days later, did a test and negative again. I've had brown spotting when I wipe for the last 3 days, my symptoms now include, bloating, so so tired, dizziness, nausea (until I burp TMI), needing to wee every couple of hours and nothing much happens when I get to the toilet and cramping (3 days running)

I was starting to doubt I was pregnant but now I'm not so sure. I haven't had a response from other forums so I'm really hoping someone will ease my worrying!  

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