Trying to get pregnant after stillborn

Hi I am wondering how soon I could get pregnant after my stillborn of my baby at 35 weeks old.?

Had the bleeding and I think my last week was my period and have had some sex during high days..  I felt my last week was period as I felt rougher and my bleeding returned stronger than the other weeks.

I conceived very quickly first time and now desperate for a baby.  Only lost my baby in June 2016 x


  • Hey hun, firstly very sorry for your loss. My son was stillborn at the end of February. With regards to conceiving again everybody is different. Some say you are more fertile after a loss/ giving birth. I'm currently 12+2 and keeping everything firmly crossed that I get to bring my rainbow baby home. There is a very supportive thread on here called trying to get pregnant after a miscarriage, think it's on part 9. I know stillbirth is not classed as a miscarriage but the support on that thread is brilliant, the ladies are wonderful. Huge hugs, lots of strength and I hope your ttc journey is short xx

  • Hi Christian gal, we are so very sorry to hear of your loss. 

    As nalc12 says, we have two threads which you may find helpful. They are TTC after miscarriage (but it's not just about that, please do check it out, there's some wonderful support available there) and also Gave birth to my sleeping baby. 

    Wishing you much love and strength at this tough time. x

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