Two faint positive then negative clear blue?


Both taken today. Faint positive first response but negative clear blue predictor? What do you think?


  • Hi Natalie, I responded to your post in another thread. Those are positive tests, the clear blue digital arent as sensitive so may take another couple of days to show positive. Congrats!

  • Thanks misskiwi! It's been a long wait!

  • imageI had this but then a 'not pregnant' digi test????

  • Hi Cbw, the clear blue digital are not as sensitive as the clear blue plus, if you wait another couple of days and take another digital you should have a positive then :)

  • I've just done two first response and they are both like this?!image

  • Congratulations 😁

  • Very much positive cbw congrats! 

  • 😳😳😳 so do you think the digital was wrong? 

  • The digitals are just less sensitive thats all. It was probably too early to register a positive with the digital. I think if you try another digital tomorrow you will get a positive this time :)

  • imageI couldn't wait!!!

  • Yay congrats!!!

  • Thank you!! I'm in shock!!!

  • Hi ladies,

    I had an early miscarriage 2 months ago so don't know what to think. I've had unexppained nausea the last couple of days so took a FR pregnancy test on the Thursday (first pic). I got a faint line so took another FR test on the Friday (second pic) and got another faint line but a negative clear blue digital result. I took another FR test today (third pic) and there is still a faint line but got another negative clear blue digital. I am not due for my period for another 3 days. I figured it's too early for a positive clear blue digital test but I'm concerned that my FR test taken this morning looks lighter than the one taken yesterday. Has this happened today any one and then you were confirmed as pregnant? Or am I having an early miscarriage again? Please let me know your thoughts ximageimageimage

  • Need help please!!

    I took a first response test and got a faint line which was on Sunday and then took one yesterday and the other today and both had faint lines also...Need to know if there is a chance i could br pregnant. I had aimagemiscarriage in june around 14 weeks and was wondering if i could still have hormones in my system from pregnancy even after my doctor did a blood test and told me my results were negative..So could this be a new pregnancy 


  • I did two FR pregnancy  positive on Monday. Then took CB on Tues and got two negative. I am going to walk in hours tomorrow to try to figure it out. Any advice 
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