Ttc baby number 2

Hi I am new to this site an have heard amazing advice....

Please help 

Me and my partner have been trying to concieve baby number 2

I have been on the microgynon pill for ten years.

I stopped taking my pill after I was due to start a new months packet (so I had allready had a may peorid and was due to start a 21 day pill cycle again) this was around may 30th I had a withdrawal bleed around the 19th of June so 22 days later. I then had another very short AF  which only lasted 3 days

On the 16th July I had a small AF so 28 days later..... I am experiencing cramping 2 weeks later 29th July...I had done peg test but they are all negative. this normal to be so irregular an why do I keep coming on so early.... 

I'm due on around the 16th I assume so shd I jus wait .....Sorry for the long post xxxx

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