Hi, just after a bit of advice. My partner and I haven't been trying for baby 2 but we did have a few slip ups this month. It took us ages to fall with baby 1 so can't quite believe I could be pregnant again. I've been having hot flashes and have been sooooooo tired so yesterday I took a test. The test expired may this year as it was from last year when we were trying. It came up with a faint line (panic)! I then did an in date clear blue test and that came up with a really faint line. This morning I did another out of test and still a positive. Don't laugh but I got my partner to pee on one of the out of date ones to check and no line on his. Thoughts? image


  • Those all look positive to me hun, don't know whether to say congratulations or not! Definately think you have another bun in the oven! Xx

  • Thanks. Guess I need to get my head round it now. This is the latest one....so faint it's barely there


  • They look positive! I'd buy another one that's still in date and test again in two or three days to give your hormones a chance to rise. Hopefully you'll get a darker line! :)

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    This is from first thing today. No more tests now until Thursday when I'll do a digital. Paranoid that I'll get my head round it and it'll turn out to be a chemical. Head in the sand for me 

  • I feel the same..me and my partner have been trying for about 6 months, period was due 7/20 had very light pink spotting for one day on 7/21 (not normal for me always get period for 5-6 days) waited a week or so than took a clear blue Plus on 7/30..very very faint positive line?? But digital says "Not pregnant" could it be to soon for digital? imageimageimage

  • From all my homework I've read that digitalis aren't as sensitive so could explain it not showing up yet. I know it's hard but maybe try and wait 48 hours and try again

  • Ok I thank you for your imput. I figured it would be soon to get a positive on a digital I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going crazy :/ do you see the faint line? Is that a faint positive.. 

  • Yes I can see a very faint line. How many dpo are you? 

  • My fertile window was from the 7/2-7/8 if I'm correct I ovulated the 6th so that would be about 25 days.. This is all a little new to me so I'm not that sure how it all works yet 

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    Well this answers my question. Thanks for all the help ladies x

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