Very very very faint second line what does this mean!

I have taken multiple test this past week and they all have been the same a very, very, very faint second line. I am 5 days late for my period and this is the one I took this morning. Am I just seeing things or is there really a second line and does it mean I'm pregnant?                       imageimage


  • I can see a very faint line. Did the line show up in the time limit stated in the instructions (usually 3 mins)? If it appeared after ten minutes it might be an evaporation line.

    If it did appear in the time limit then maybe you ovulated late or implanted late so your period is not as late as you think or there's not enough hcg hormone in your urine yet. Test again in another five days (if you can wait) and see if the line is darker or get a Clear blue digital test with Weeks indicator. Good luck! x

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

  • Thank you  so much I took a digital one twice today and I got this!image

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