CD52 and BFN! :(


I used to be a regular on MFM but took a long break because ttc was stressing me out and obsessing over every little symptom and post was making me feel bad when AF inevitably showed up each month...

But now AF has not reared her ugly head for 52 days and I don't know what to think! I had a few preg symptoms so I got excited and tested when I was three days late, one week late, two weeks late and yesterday and all BFN so I'm probably not pregnant :(

But my cycles are usually 31-38 days, I've never had one this long before. It's like a cruel joke.

I don't know if I'm posting this just to have a rant because we've been ttc-ing since last November and nothing has come of it, but I'd like some words of wisdom. Thinking of going to the doctors if AF still hasn't showed next week. Has anyone else suddenly had a super-long cycle or skipped a period for no apparent reason? What should I ask my doctor to do?


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