Having issues with ovulation


So I'm cd28 today I had a cd21 blood test with a level of 1.3 so the dr said I didn't ovulate, my previous cycles have been 50+ days long and started with 4 days spotting and then bleeding from 12/15 days. So it hasn't been long since my last bleed....I didn't notice any ovulation signs other than small amounts of ewcm where it indicates on my chart which I will attach. Yesterday I felt crampy like something was going to happen and this morning started spotting whereas usually it would just be spotting the only other sign I had was sore boobs which I also got the 3 times I ovulated when ttc my son in 2013....last cycle I had no signs of ovulating on my chart and my cycle was 50+ days it's all so confusing i just want to be normal, I have a cd21 blood test again when my cycle kickstarts properly, I'm also planning on getting opks as my chart isn't very clear. I did take a pregnancy test on friday just to be sure with my erratic cycles but of course it was bfn. I will attach my chart it did have me down for ovulation on cd11 but obviously I didn't because I had the cd21 blood test which said otherwise. I have symptoms of pcos but have had blood tests and ultrasounds and nothing ever comes up on either of them although they are done at random times in my cycle, not sure if that makes a difference.

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