Am I pregnant? I'm confused 🙄

I came on my period on the 23rd July I came on 2 days early suppose be the 25th I didn't realise I was coming on as normally get stomach pains but didn't get any at all. I was on for at least 5 days i came off my period then 4 days later I had a light spotting for 2 days and yesterday I took a pregnancy test and forgot look at it till bedtime when I looked it had to line one was faint but can see it and today I took another but later in afternoon and its come back negative Can anybody help? I had my hopes up I was pregnant I've been trying since I had miscarriage in December 


  • image This is the test I took yesterday morning !! Also had  Symptoms too 

  • Mine looked the same! I was confused so did another test first thing the next morning (first pee of the day) and  the line was much darker. Internet suggests that even faint lines means that pregnancy hormones have been detected. 


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