Impmantation bleeding?? (Pics attatched!)

Soo anyone has implantation bleeding that looked like this or know or come across other posts that have had IB like this??

Me and other half been ttc for 9 months first bean with no luck. Started charting and using opk's about 4 months ago but not much happeneing so dont use opks anymore just charting. My cycle is usually 29-34 days. Im pretty surr i ovulated on 31st july. Lots of fertile mucous and bad pains on my left side for a couple of hours. This would have been cd15. We also dtd on this day and for the first time used preseed which ive heard loads of positive reviews about and i dont really produce much CM. 

Anyway 5dpo i noticed a small amount of pink\brown discharge when wiping like twice a day. Very light. One occasion noticed a drop or two in the toilet. Today 8dpo i have what you see on the two pictures. I do have mild cramping and some shooting pains in tops of my legs but not sure if thats my mind playing tricks. AF not due for another 9 days. 

Dont want to get my hopes up but this is totally new so if anyone can give advice i would be eternally gratefull!! Baby dustt!!!! Xximageimagesorry if pics tmi!!! 

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