Started Clomid yesterday, TTC whilst BFing, on "CD 4", anyone else?

Hi everyone

I am new to this website and new to clomid.

I have PCOS and used Femara to conceive my little boy. I am yet to ovulate since having him and been TTC so started 50mg of Clomid to try bring ovulation on. I can't use Femara as I am bfing still.

So today is CD "4" 

Anyone else at the start of their cycle waiting to ovulate? Or just started Clomid? OR TTC whilst BFing?

Would love some  "waiting to O" and "2WW" buddies

:) xx


  • Starting my Clomid on cycle day 3. Just finish pogesterone to get things going after 60 days of nothing. Did you ever get a BFP or are you going for a second round?

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