Strange opk results please help.

hi ladies, Im hoping someone can help me out here as I'm very confused. 

Been ttc for a little 5 months now. For the past 3 months i have been using opks to help me track ovulation. My cycles are normally 28 days and ovulating cd14 apart from the month before last when it was 31 and ovulated cd 17. I have been using Internet cheapie (one step) opks then backing that up with clear blue dual hormone. The past 2 months I have had my solid smile (peak) exactly when expected at the same time as positive cheap dip sticks. 

This month I started using the cheap opks on cd8 and got a medium strength second line but definitely not positive same cd9. Cd 10 today second line about the same strength as yesterday (medium) so did a CB digital dual hormone expecting if to be a solid circle for low chance or at most a flashing face but it came up solid face for peak. I should also mention I have used the same CB digital holder for the past 3 cycles.  I'm totally confused, I hope I'm making sense but please ask me questions if I'm not as I would really appreciate some advice. 

Thank you in advance xx


  • Have you got pics? I have started the POAS on the cheapeis today with the intention of using the CB dual to back it up.... Don't want to risk missing it... I am a 28 day cycle and on the CB I got a positive on cd12.

    this pic is today on a cheapy at cd1 which is very strong when compared to yesterday.... And a lot stronger than I would expect for day one!


  • Hi butterfly haven't got a pic right at the mo but maybe able to put one on later, my onestep opk is about the same as yours in the pic but CB digital is peak. X

  • I did the CB dual this afternoon but was a blank circle..... Not the same sample as above.... Maybe I should do one first thing tomorrow hust in case.... I wouldn't have expected the above pic from cd1!!!! 

  • image

    Bottom 2 are today cd1, am and pm - am looks lighter now as dried..... Top one is super light and was cd28!

  • Hi ladies the test lines need to be as dark as each other before resulting to a positive 😘 When you get a positive opk you are likely to ovulate within the next 48 hours so don't give up bding keep it up for fone time after. good luck xx

  • hi ladies I'm still in need of some advice, help or someone's best guess as the strange opk plot thickens so to speak. 

    I have been using 3 methods to try to track ovulation 1, Internet one step dip sticks, 2, clear blue dual hormone opks, 3, temping. I usualily have a 28 day cycle with a poss opk day 14, one month I had a 31 day cycle poss opk day 17.

    this month I have no idea what's been going on but this is what's happened so far

    cd8, dip stick -medI'm strength, temp not checked

    cd9, dip stick - medium strength, temp 35.8

    cd10, dip stick - medium strength, temp 36.4, first cb digital of cycle came out as PEAK (solid face)

    cd 11, dip stick - light-med strengt, temp not done, CB digital using a different holder negitive.

    cd12, dip stick - light- med strength, temp 35.8, CB digital negiitive.

    cd13, dip stick medium strength, temp 35.9, CB digital negiitive.

    cd14, dip stick med-strong, temp 36.6, CB digital high fertility (flashing face)

    cd15, dip stick med-strong, temp 36.3, CB digital flahing face

    cd16 dip stick very strong near positive, temp not done, CB digital flashing face

    cd17 dip stick stronger than control line (positive), temp 36.7, CB digital solid face (peak).

    im sorry I know it's a lot to read but any comments would be appreciated. 

    I will screen shoot my temp chart and post it.

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