Never had this many pregnant symptoms but BFN 😭

I've been TTC for nearly 7 years and never fallen pregnant (That I know of).

Howver this month I have had soooooooo many pregnancy signs im going crazy. I started taking bee pollen and straight away felt my hormones increase. I've Dtd a few more times this month (not going mental with LM as we've been ttc for so long).

Ive recorded my symptoms to look back on. My periods have been sporadic, I tend to miss a month lately. And I'm pretty sure I don't ovulate.

Pins and needles in leg in middle of night

Vomiting & white dots and migraine 15th

Nausea 16 afternoon after eating

Nausea afternoon after eating 17

Mucus in throat since end of July & coughing

Been randomly sneezing


Few migraines

17th pains in stomache, maybe ibs 

Mood swings - sometimes feel teary

Slight change to veins in boobs

Sometimes horny (not like me)

Gassy more than normal

Weird pulling cramping pains above belly button left side/ stomache area

Pins and needles in right hand 18th

Sickness after lunch 18th 


Nausea after eating and off food

Pulling left side of belly button

Tingling feet and numb left leg numerous times

Weird feeling in tummy 

Sensitive smell

Another SPOT!

Tested bfn 21/08

Bit of sickness in throat (lump)

Weird belly flutters all day and feeling bloated!

Veins quite prominent on hands

Light headed few times

Big veins on boobs today

Crampy / flutters constant today

Immediately felt sick after food

Not been eating much/not hungry 

breasts feel full

feeling really hot

spotting (maybe imp) 7 days after dtd

spotting 10 days after dtd x2

If I'm right AF should be in next few days as last one was beginning of July and I'm every other month at mo. I've done two PT and both negative (last one yesterday but in the afternoon)

I don't want to get my hopes up, but I've had so many symptoms it's weird. Unless it's hormones from bee pollen? Any advice from ladies who've had pregnancy symptoms before?  Sending baby dust to all you lovely ladies

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