Wondering if someone can help, I came off the pill end of May, I had unprotected sex on Friday 19th August (the first time in a long time) my period was due today, this morning I had a very light pink colour on wiping but then nothing the 2nd time I went to the toilet! My back is a little sore,  I m seriously moody and a get dull abdo discomfort on and off, anyone any ideas? 


  • No one will be able to tell you..

    It could be your period or implantation bleeding the only way to know is to take a test.

  • I'd take a test.

    I'm in a similar position, i came off the pill over 4 weeks ago and have 'felt' pregnant for the last 2 weeks - sore boobs, lower back pain, no AF, nausea. Done 2 tests and both negative. It's just my body adjusting to not having the pill and hormones going crazy.

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