Why am I bleeding?


I have been trying to conceive for about 3 months since having my copper IUD removed. This is non hormonal, so shouldn't have messed about with my body, apart from making my periods slightly longer.

I am currently having cycles of about 35-40 days, but 2 weeks after what I THINK is my real period, I have about 5 days of light bleeding. It is either bright red or brown, and enough that I have to wear a sanitary towel, but not as heavy as a normal period.

I would have thought this was ovulation, but it then takes another 3 weeks once the bleeding has stopped for my real period to show, which I thought you were meant to re-start your cycle 2 weeks after the day of O? I try and track my CM to see if I am coming up to O, but it is hard when there is blood, all I have noticed is that there tends to be lots of CM before what I think is my real heavier period.

I apologise if this is quite confusing - if anyone has any words of wisdom on the matter then I would really appreciate it..



  • What it does seem though is that this light bleeding is almost quite watery?!

  • I have no advice to offer but I would speak to a GP bleeding between periods should be checked out! 

  • Thanks for your reply ChocolateCupcake. I should have added - I went to the doctors, had tests done and an ultrasound and no answers there. They didn't seem worried..

  • Glad they weren't concerned!, must be very frustrating not knowing why!, no advice here I am afraid but hopefully someone will be around soon that can help!


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