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Hey!! My name is mitzi and I'm new here. My husband and I just recently started to try and conceive.  Ever since I started my period I've been told I can't have kids or it will be very hard for me to get pregnant.  I'm not trying to give up hope. But it's hard! My periods are totally messed up. Since I was 13 years old (I'm not 22) . I've only had a total of 10 maybe 15 periods. It's been over a year now since I've had one. Birth control never helped either. It's very stressful for us to be trying mainly for me because it's something I want so bad!! Honestly other then being married to the man of my dreams being a mom is my biggest dream of all. I'm hoping this chat group will help keep my hopes up!! If any one has advice on willing to take it and to do anything to help us become parents!!! Thank you in advance!!!


  • Hi mitzi, welcome!

    were told why it would be hard for you to conceive?

  • They told me I have pos. (Polycystic ovary syndrome) other than that they can't figure it out. And they don't know why I don't have a period either. 

  • Ahhh I wondered if that was it. It is likely that if you have PCOS are not having periods then you are not ovulating. If you were ovulating you would be having periods. There are medications and treatments that you can have to help you start ovulating, I know you are young but I would seek the assistance of a fertility specialist to find out your options. Good luck!

  • That's what I thought also. We wanted to try before having to go through the stress of Drs. But if it comes down to needing to I will. I'll do anything to be a mommy!! Thanks for the advice!! Off to bed for me. My drive shift is coming far to quickly....the life of a truck driver. Lol. 

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