hi I've taken 3 pregnancy tests I've asked a few people and they say it's a very faint positive and I can't tell . Please help! These are two of the pictures of the tests I've done


  • The pics look a little blurry so it's hard to tell x

  • I agree with Emy

  • This is the best one I have and even still it's a bit blury my camera is terrible xx image This is a different one and I'm not sure on this one 

  • I'm so scared i recently just went through a miscarriage and me and my now very recent ex wanted so we had been trying just don't want to get my hopes up Incase it's a evap line or anything like that x 

  • Not sure if I can see a line or it's a shadow from the test. I would say to re test with fmu using first response early results x

  • Thankyou I'll do that x 

  • Also if you have just had a miscarriage, did you make sure you had a BFN result before trying again and some ladies can hold on to the HCG hormone for a few weeks after MC depending on how far along you were X

  • No after the mc I broke down didn't want to think about it , it was in June this year so I know it couldn't be from that x

  • I know that feeling - I miscarried in July at 10 weeks - makes you want it so much more.... good luck on another test


  • Honestly it broke our relationship etc so it was awful and I know want nothing more than to be a mammy x 

  • Its very hard - I haven't seen or spoken to my niece in weeks as 2 weeks after my MC she decided to announce she was PG despite being on the pill.

    Have found it very hard and also think insensitive to tell me so soon and when she was actually only a few weeks gone.

    I feel guilty that I am not excited about a new baby and a new niece or nephew, but I just can't!


  • Yeh both my friends announced they where pregnant strait after my miscariage both on the pill. They're my best friends one of them im the god mother to what will be there daughter and I want to be happy for them but I'm jealous as she takes it for grant age so much x 

  • Yeah exactly the same here. Even made out like they didn't really want it and would get used to it.... Hmmmmm great.

    our time will come :) x

  • Oh yes that's the worst thing ever! And your sat there like shut up you know what I'm going through. And well I'm getting all the pregnancy symptoms and the tests I've done are very very faint line so everythings crossed x 

  • Thankyou you too x 

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