Im confused!!!


What is this? I took this test last night and i am so confused i found it this morning and it has a tiny tinge of pink at the bottom of the line mainly, it looks a bit brighter in person than the pic but can someone help me?! I have symptoms like cramps, feeling sick, nausea, back ache, very tired and hungry most the time!!


  • Hi Lilly unfortunately pregnancy tests res are only valid if seen with in a certain amount of time normally 10 minutes, any results that come up after that have to be discarded. That doesn't mean you are or you are not pregnant. You will need to take another test, probably best to do it with the first wee of the day x

  • I would do another one, first time I tested before my mc a few months ago it did not come up with a line at first. I looked back at it a few ours later and there was a very faint line. This happened with both. fingers crossed for you X 

  • I did another test and absoloutly nothing!! Having period symptoms but i came off the pill a month and a bit ago and had my withdrawal bleed and since then ive been having brown discharge and light bleeding every now and then so i dont know where i stand!! Been doing opks and some come back with a slight dark red line at the beggining then it fades so i dont know what on earth is going on with my body!!

  • Try first thing in the morning went your urine is more concentrated, and you will get a more accurate result then... Hopefully! Might be worth going to your doctors for a blood test as well X the first response preg test are really good and more accurate as wel 

  • I just think its odd that the other tests showed nothing! Even hours later! i dont know if im seeing the faint line because i want to or if its really there!

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