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Am i pregnant

Ive tested 4 days before my period with a clear blue digital test and it came back positive!!

Tested next day which was 12 hours later and got a negative.

Am i pregnant or not?


  • Test again in the morning using a first response early result test, they are more sensitive than digitals. 

  • What the update? Did you find out if you are or not? 

  • I had the same thing with a FRER.... negative morning, positive linchtime and theN negatives... thought AF arrived but lasted 24 hours and was brown/dark red.... theN got gradually darker OPKs and a positive.... now on  holiday and just going to see what happens. If I am ovulating theN will BD away... but cd3 is early to OV..... will see what's going on when I get home. Getting crampy pains though and feeling sick and dizzy so either am PG or OVing early! Body is playing tricks big time!

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