Faint positive ladies???

imageimageimage haven't really tried as much as usual this month with getting disheartened alot we decided to have a months break. Once my period didnt show today i thought id try a cheapie. Surprisingly a line appeared but has only a tiny little bit of colour. Just wondering if anyone else can see it? Its very seeable face to face. Although that might be because i know its there x


  • Hi misshunt sorry I can't really see it in the pictures x

  • Its so annoying cos i can see it here perfectly lol. Do u think the line will get stronger tomorrow it says on the pack can use from day of missed period but they advise you to use it at 7 days late for best result x

  • Hcg roughly double every 48-72 hours so if not tomorrow then should be stronger by the next day, hope that makes sense, do you know the sensitivity of the tests you are using? 

  • Hi miss hunt was thinking about you yesterday!!!! Wondering what was going on. I can't see anything either :( maybe try a FMU one? 

    My af was due today but is a no show.... thinking it will be a 28 dayer so Saturday now

  • It was just a cheapie so i wouldn't imagine it was very sensitive ill leave it til Friday if no AF ill try a frer. Its still there this smorning just very faint. Its the same size at the control line and usually my indent lines have been very thin. And hey butterfly oh how strange lol! Have you tried any tests yet? X

  • Yeah!!! I had BFNs then a BFP lunchtime on 12dpo and then all BFNs onwards!!!!

    Today had a positive OPK and another BFN, spotting today on day AF due, but no cramps and haven't needed to use any sanitary ware yet!!! so bizarre!

  • Its awful isn't it when u see a second line and then it turns out to be a period. Soul destroying ! Fingers crossed for you x

  • Thanks mine was BFN morning, BFP lunchtime, BFN evening! Looks like a dud test!! so annoying!


  • Maybe your pee is at its strongest at lunch time. Try testing the same time as the positive one and see if that helps. Early pregnancy can be so hard to pick up everythings only just happening x

  • yeah I tried that too - BFN!!! LOL

    I go away on Saturday so am just treating it as a BFN and that this is AF and will enjoy myself. There isn't much else I can do really. 

  • imageimage surely this isn't just my eyes right ? 😂 x

  • Sorry chick.... can't see anything :( x

  • I can't see anything either sorry, but I definately reccomend Frer. They showed nice strong bfp for me when cheapies were showing very faintly. Good luck x

  • image just tried a stick one. Lines there bit no colour lol. That's it til the weekend!! X

  • If no colour than an indent line am afraid - so annoying!!!

    I am now managing to convince myself that I didn't ovulate when I thought I did despite doing my temping etc.! this stuff is a head messer!

  • Weird isn't it. We werent even trying this month. Were moving house and stuff on the 26th so decided to take a break but didn't use any protection we only really bd'd 5 times or so the whole month so i was convinced AF would show I've had awful cramp and heartburn right from 2 weeks ago. I was certain AF would be here yesterday. But nope. Another month of messing with me 

  • yeah this is weird for me not needing to use any tampons , not being a moody cow-bag and not having any cramps. Last month was only 24 hours but the cramps were hell on earth!!

  • imagecan u see the line on the second test I took today

  • misshunt I can see a slight line in top picture 

  • image what would you ladies say about this ? 

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