Pregnancy test negative!


I've got two kids and we are currently trying to conceive no.3. My first two weren't planned so this time is a bit different. Today (10dpo) I took a first response test. It was negative. Is this normal? Could I still possibly be pregnant. I don't know what to think :( 


  • Jj13 yes some ladies don't show positive until after their period is due x

  • It's totally normal, don't worry! Very few pregnant women actually have an embryo which implants early enough to release enough hcg hormone to turn a test positive by 10dpo. Remember the pregnancy test companies want you to buy as many tests as possible so they tell you to test early so you'll test again and again to see darker lines. Based on my temps i didn't implant until 9dpo (ish). I got my bfp at 13dpo. Test again in a few days to give the hormones a chance to build up. x

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