PLease be nice just wanna know if anyone has this before ttc for 2 years and this is new.

Hi I'm Amber, TTC for our second child. and now we are just having fun and sex everyday so yes anyways. Ive always spotted 2days before a flow starts. And this time its 3 days and first time light light pink stuff and I wouldn't have saw it that's how little it was mixed in with ewcm, nothing for 2 days then the 3 day dark dark blood and a clot little very little I was like okay period is here, well I went to the bathroom and   started wiping and it was gone just gone super like pink with cm white now noting again just nothing. I'm excited but not to excited I only have clearblue test so I keep forgetting to test and I know if I see a neg I just cry. but ive never had this happen DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS A GOOD SIGN OR IB OR ITS HAPPEN TO THEM AND STILL GOT A BFP :)

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