Trying to conceive after miscarriage

hi all,

So this time last year I found out I was pregnant it was a happy 'accident' with my husband and we were both happy. Sadly at 9 weeks I had a miscarriage. Since then I've been quite positive that it will happen again and trying not to stress but my cycles have changed. I used to have 30/31 day and could predict exactly when my period would be. Now its far more difficult! I've had several 35 day cycles and the last one was 26 days! It makes guessing when to try and conceive difficult. I started using the OPKs this month and saw that my peak was CD 23 - so I assuming it's another 36 day cycle this month. I wasn't really aware that a miscarriage could have such a long lasting effect on my cycles. 

Im hoping that now I'm monitoring the cycle I should have some luck but I had hoped to take a more easygoing approach and let nature do the rest but I think nature needs a little help with these strange cycles! 

Anyone else had similar or ttc? 



  • Hi Sarah!

    Read your thread and wanted to leave a comment. Yeah I say our bodies will naturally go back to our usual flow of things. My cycle has always been the same until rrecently, hence why I'm here lol but good luck and hope everything works out fine! 

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