Positive or evaporation line?

I'm confused by this result.  :(image


  • This thin line came up within 5 minutes of taking the test while the test was still wet.

  • Definitely positive 😀 Congratulations xxx

    ( If you feel unsure try a pink dye FR for a darker line:)

  • Looks like a bfp to me to be sure use a pink dye or even better a digital x

  • I hope so. Thankyou ladies xx

  • can someone tell me is this a positive or an evap line? I had miscarriage in may at 13 weeks haven't been pregnant since was really hoping this would be my month :( don't want to get my hopes up for the witch to arrive in full force. image

  • Does it have any color? If yes it's a good sign. I don't wanna get your hopes up but I can see a line. If you try fmu in a couple of days it should be darker if positive. Try that.

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