Ovulation bleeding but negative o tests

hi ladies, im really hoping someone can give some advice as I literally have no idea what's gone on. 

Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for a short while now. We conceived in may however I lost the baby in July. It was Ectopic.

we have decided to try again. So this month, i waited for my normal cycle and then tried again. 

Apologies for information...

i normally get the ewcm each month and use this as a guide. this month I didn't wait for that though to attempt to conceive. So after 4 days in a row we thought we just can't miss this month. However, two days ago I used a clear blue ovulation test. two lines showed up, both as dark as the other But not as dark as it can probably go. i took it as a positive as the others were a lot lighter each other day. Last night, i started bleeding, very lightly. i went to bed but no action, this morning the bleed is back. but is more brown in colour with tinges of red and is light again. Not enough to use a pad or anything. but this month I havent had the ewcm and the ovulation Tests are now showing negative. 

any ideas anyone? 


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