Congestion and cough?

Ok so I feel abit silly writing this this but I was curious. 

So this month we haven't really tried much because I've hurt my back. So it's not really been a thought. 

However we did manage to have sex in my ovulation window (unintentionally, I had no idea until afterwards lol) 

so it's been a week since that point and I'm not particularly hopeful this month but I've noticed a little cramping. But the weirdest thing is ive developed  cough and a stuffy head. No runny nose but it does feel I could start with a cold. Not really experienced this before and with it being a warm autumn I find it odd to start with all this but it could also just be simply a cold haha. 

Did anyone experience this? 


  • Just wanted to update this thread. 

    Many have viewed it but no response which is cool. 

    I broke out in hives 2 days ago. They've got worse now and my body is covered. 

    My period is due today but no sign. Decided to do a test just because things are weird at the momen. 

    Its a very faint positive. It's the morning so I'm going to test later on today to see if it gets darker. 

    Anyone had these symptoms before?

  • Last update. Mainly for anyone reading this. 

    After doing numerous tests (another 5 to be exact) all of them came out POSITIVE.

    Absolutely over the moon. It just shows sometimes it's better to just relax and listen to your body x

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