What is Going On???

I'm here because I'm concerned on whether or not this is implantation bleeding or AF. Long story short I usually have pretty regular cycle. Last month I started my cycle on September 5-9. As I calculated my ovulation days were set on September 16-21. Me and my spouse have been trying to conceive for a year now. We had sex on the 18 and he ejaculated into me and later on on the 24th. I experienced some pregnancy symptoms later feeling drained food cravings nauseous lower back pain runny nose stuffy nose being hot a lot and just feeling distant. Well on October 3rd I had a slight feeling I was about to start my period. But only got light pink spotting on and off and scanty. That night it went away. That following day it came back still light pink on and off and scanty. Not enough to wear a tampon or pad. Just enough for a pantyliner. That night it started to stop again. Today I woke up with very little cramping and a small amount of bright red blood on my pantyliner. Throughout the day it became a very light flow to the point I needed a pad. But when wiping it was very little on the tissue. I'm still experiencing light bright red flow but very scanty and not enough for a pad. I just checked and there is nothing on my pad or when I wipe. My cycle usually lasts for 5 days. Its only been 3 and I'm no longer cramping or spotting. What is going on? I've never experienced this problem. And me and my spouse have been trying our hardest to conceive. Every month I pretty much came on my regular cycle started off heavy and got lighter even after trying to conceive. So for this to happen i have my fingers crossed hopping we sealed the deal this month. But I would like to know is it implantation bleeding or just AF. I really would love to have a bundle of joy. Can anyone help me??????


  • Sorry I left out as well as frequent urination. And headaches. 

  • Hello.

    The symptoms  you had/having... It also happens when the ovulation occurs and afterwards as the hormone levels need to regulate again.  That is why women should not jump to conclusions of very early pregnancy symptomes spotting just to set themselves on failure and disappointment.

    As for bleeding,  not sure. Sorry,  I'm no physician. Did you take a pregnancy test yet? There could be many reasons or just a simple odd cycle. Trying to conceive is no easy,  I know.  All the stuff that is happening sometimes can leave us with no clue and worries. 

    Look,  take a test.  See what it says.  Maybe you will feel safer after seeing a doctor? Or have the on-call-app. So you can talk to them and see what do they say about it.

    I wish I could help more,  but my own cycles are very hard to predict if it's gonna come on itself or with a help of pill to induce my period. Then with a help of a pill to support ovulation process. We have been trying recently for 2years for a second child.  So far no luck.  Also missed periods,  odd cycles,  odd bleeding patterns each single time I had one.  All the worries,  conclusions,  tests,  guesses and thinking about it did my head in.  So I know what you are going through.  Just keep a track of everything you can spot in case you need to go see Dr.  

  • The symptoms you have, this also occurs when the ovulation happens as well as later as the hormonal levels have to control all over again.

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